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When a person desires to make changes in his or her life, it is generally done for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. Whatever your reason, Life is committed to providing products that will help you achieve the results you are looking for in life.

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Rascal Radio

is the world's first customizable personal development radio station...

Life Library

Explore personal development content like never before.

Language Learning

It's never been easier to learn a new language.
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Audio Books

Enjoy all of Obstaclés Press's audio books in one place.

Sales Training

Train yourself with professional sales techniques.
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PPV Video Library

Personal development video content taken directly from Best Selling authors Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward’s Pay Per View Broadcasts.

Mental Fitness Challenge

Discover your purpose. Strengthen your resolve. Develop as a Leader. Leave a lasting legacy.


A complete collection of Life’s Obstacles Press books in ebook form.

When we have a question about leadership in any area of our lives, we can find the answer in Total Personal Development and know that it isn’t someone’s theory; it’s teaching from someone who has already successfully applied it. The value of this product is immeasurable, and through this subscription, it’s also affordable. We love the ease and convenience of having leadership at our fingertips with Total Personal Development.
-Cathi Thomas-

Life has certainly identified a need in the personal development area, and with the Total Personal Development subscription, has created a great product to fill that need. I have personally been impacted--more than I can find words to express--by the positive energy that is generated by the collaboration of individuals who are continually seeking to improve personal results. Also, the video database has helped me tremendously in maintaining focus on my personal objectives. Total Personal Development has given me access to more of my total potential! Thank you Life!
-Vernon Zimmerman-

$60.00 (USD) per month

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